Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Zines in the Zine Distro


GSR has a couple new additions to our zine and book distro! In addition to still hawking our selections from Little Black Cart (http://www.littleblackcart.com/), we're excited to feature No Thanks #7 and Overdosing In Republican World #1.

No Thanks comes from Mike Thrashberg, former member of Slave Revolt, and features an interview with Lebenden Toten along with lots of great music writing that foregrounds the personal/subjective realities of growing up a suburban punk nerd.

OIRW comes from Kevin Failure/Pink Reason and combines dark retrospective on a life marked by drugs, depression, and punk rock with thoughtful features on bands and artists whose creativity is too often uncharted by the cannons of the mainstream and self-proclaimed "underground".

We're asking $4.50ppd for Overdosing... and will be selling No Thanks in person for a donation of your choice.

Special thanks to Joe Figs for hookin' it up.