Thursday, November 18, 2010

Negative Standards Cassette EP Out NOW

We over here at the Gay Scientist HQ are extremely excited to announce the release of GSR 002: Negative Standards' "I-V" EP, which is available in the form of kvltgasm-inducing hand-numbered cassettes AS OF RIGHT NOW. The going rate of $6 ppd will land you with your very own copy of this bafflingly enormous onslaught of d-beat mayhem, and dripping with the most thick and putrid sludge. Featuring members of Acts of Sedition and the late Kentucky Fried Doom, Negative Standards has been keeping their aural offensive at a sinister simmer over that past few months, perfecting the minutae of their profoundly heavy hardcore punk stylings in their Oakland, CA lair. Speed-loving doom fans and hardcore heathens with the burning desire for an ear-ripping facemelt will only pass this one up on pain of shameful death. Recorded with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios.

TO ORDER: Email us at and we'll set your order up. We accept Paypal or, if you're too much of a luddite for that sort of thing, you can send well-concealed cash to an address that will be provided to you upon ordering.

And do cruise on over to check out our co-releasers Five-Ten Tapes for some truly top-shelf punk cassette offerings.

Until you get your hands on one of these, we've deigned to provide you with one of the five tracks of the EP to keep the palm-sweat and shakes at bay 'til your package arrives. Enjoy.

Negative Standards - V

Monday, July 19, 2010

GSR 001: Ensorcelor-Urarctica Begins

We over here at the Gay Scientist Recordings HQ are sacrificing goats and shotgunning mead in a frenzied melee of excitement at the release of our very first release: the US edition of the very first offering from Ensorcelor, some of Montreal's finest artisans of blackened, crusty doom. Entitled "Urarctica Begins," this cassette contains three epic forays into the yawning ominousness that is the unfolding of the cosmos, the all-encompassing fecundity and brutality of timeless cycles of birth and death. Creating this dark and massive atmosphere, Ensorcelor's music is at once sparse and crushing. Long, deliberate explorations of atmospheric drones and haunting, distant melodies morph patiently into the heaviest of metals. It is in these sections that Ensorcelor stakes their claim as doom megaliths, with pounding drums and throat-ripping vo-kills interlocking with a thick, ominous fog of complex riffage to create something unusually melodic and evocative, yet undeniably heavy. This release is the most complete example available in the US of Ensorcelor's truly awesome ability to fuse the apocalyptic and visceral atmospherics of black metal with doom's epic enormity, and the result is not to be missed.

We're unbelievably psyched to be releasing this tape and want you to have your very own copy! Cassettes are $6PPD in the US, and come with a legitimately gnarly Ensorcelor poster, whose design you can see in the picture above. If you want this totally kvlt ass shiznit, send us an email at so we can figure out shipping costs and a payment method (we do paypal, checks, and well-concealed cash) to get this soul-rippingly brutal tape into your hands as soon as possible.

While we hope to have future GSR releases available for free download, we're not doing that for this release because the venerable imprint Alien8 Recordings is selling digital copies of Urarctica Begins on their site. You can also try before you buy right here on the GSR website by listening to the streams below. Then you can come back when you want to listen again, and then break down and buy the tape...right? Anyway, you'll want to keep checking back because exciting things are going on over here in GSR land...hawt new releases, the first batch of distro titles, stickers and buttons, and a whole table full of rad shit for sale on a table at a Bay Area diy show near you!

01 A Crown of Smoke on the Brow of the Earth

02 Sleep Forever in the Brine

03 This Even Doom

Sunday, May 30, 2010

GSR 000: Gorekraken Bongdirge


We at Gay Scientist are proud to make available our pre-first release: The Gorekraken Bongdirge cassette split between Sea Legs and Kentucky Fried Doom. Originally self-released by the bands, GSR is in possession of the last 20 existing copies of this document of the Middletown Doom Explosion, which can be yours for a mere $3 a pop.

Spring 2008 saw a short but powerful explosion of doom metal in the city of Middletown, CT. Experts continue to disagree about what caused so many of the city's young residents to translate the frustration of post-industrial, quasi-suburban isolation and boredom into crushing, depressive riffage, but bands like Bright, Kentucky Fried Doom, and Sea Legs stand as a testament to a springtime of melted faces in central Connecticut. Gorekraken Bongdirge is a split that documents the latter two, now defunct bands. Fans of classic, stoned-out sludge will feel right at home with Sea Legs' marriage of massive-yet-groovy stoner riffage to the heavy, soul-crushing sludge. Those with more avant-garde tastes will probably gravitate towards the flip-side: KFD's droning doom attack with amp stacks buttressed by the interminable roar of contact-mic'ed food frying live in an actual deep fryer. While unlike KFD's audiences you will not be fed pieces of fried tofu and sweet potato, you will feel the heat, grease, and crushing heaviness of both bands that scarred the soil of Connecticut just a couple short years ago. Do enjoy.


KFD - Captain Canola

Sea Legs - Box Canyon

Want to try before you buy? Head on over here for a free audio download!

And don't forget to keep it here for the soon-to-be-released GSR 001: Urarctica Begins. This glacial crush of sci-fi influenced blackened doom from Montreal slayers Ensorcelor is gonna be a truly brutal inauguration of the Gay Scientist catalog. And, if you're too stoned to remember this (or you're just friendly) go ahead and FOLLOW US!