Monday, July 19, 2010

GSR 001: Ensorcelor-Urarctica Begins

We over here at the Gay Scientist Recordings HQ are sacrificing goats and shotgunning mead in a frenzied melee of excitement at the release of our very first release: the US edition of the very first offering from Ensorcelor, some of Montreal's finest artisans of blackened, crusty doom. Entitled "Urarctica Begins," this cassette contains three epic forays into the yawning ominousness that is the unfolding of the cosmos, the all-encompassing fecundity and brutality of timeless cycles of birth and death. Creating this dark and massive atmosphere, Ensorcelor's music is at once sparse and crushing. Long, deliberate explorations of atmospheric drones and haunting, distant melodies morph patiently into the heaviest of metals. It is in these sections that Ensorcelor stakes their claim as doom megaliths, with pounding drums and throat-ripping vo-kills interlocking with a thick, ominous fog of complex riffage to create something unusually melodic and evocative, yet undeniably heavy. This release is the most complete example available in the US of Ensorcelor's truly awesome ability to fuse the apocalyptic and visceral atmospherics of black metal with doom's epic enormity, and the result is not to be missed.

We're unbelievably psyched to be releasing this tape and want you to have your very own copy! Cassettes are $6PPD in the US, and come with a legitimately gnarly Ensorcelor poster, whose design you can see in the picture above. If you want this totally kvlt ass shiznit, send us an email at so we can figure out shipping costs and a payment method (we do paypal, checks, and well-concealed cash) to get this soul-rippingly brutal tape into your hands as soon as possible.

While we hope to have future GSR releases available for free download, we're not doing that for this release because the venerable imprint Alien8 Recordings is selling digital copies of Urarctica Begins on their site. You can also try before you buy right here on the GSR website by listening to the streams below. Then you can come back when you want to listen again, and then break down and buy the tape...right? Anyway, you'll want to keep checking back because exciting things are going on over here in GSR land...hawt new releases, the first batch of distro titles, stickers and buttons, and a whole table full of rad shit for sale on a table at a Bay Area diy show near you!

01 A Crown of Smoke on the Brow of the Earth

02 Sleep Forever in the Brine

03 This Even Doom