Thursday, November 18, 2010

Negative Standards Cassette EP Out NOW

We over here at the Gay Scientist HQ are extremely excited to announce the release of GSR 002: Negative Standards' "I-V" EP, which is available in the form of kvltgasm-inducing hand-numbered cassettes AS OF RIGHT NOW. The going rate of $6 ppd will land you with your very own copy of this bafflingly enormous onslaught of d-beat mayhem, and dripping with the most thick and putrid sludge. Featuring members of Acts of Sedition and the late Kentucky Fried Doom, Negative Standards has been keeping their aural offensive at a sinister simmer over that past few months, perfecting the minutae of their profoundly heavy hardcore punk stylings in their Oakland, CA lair. Speed-loving doom fans and hardcore heathens with the burning desire for an ear-ripping facemelt will only pass this one up on pain of shameful death. Recorded with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios.

TO ORDER: Email us at and we'll set your order up. We accept Paypal or, if you're too much of a luddite for that sort of thing, you can send well-concealed cash to an address that will be provided to you upon ordering.

And do cruise on over to check out our co-releasers Five-Ten Tapes for some truly top-shelf punk cassette offerings.

Until you get your hands on one of these, we've deigned to provide you with one of the five tracks of the EP to keep the palm-sweat and shakes at bay 'til your package arrives. Enjoy.

Negative Standards - V

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  1. Hello guys,
    as requested by Will, I made a post with the review of the tape on Sludgeswamp.
    Here is the link of the post:

    Cheers and thanks for the amazing tunes! Hope more will come soon. \m/