Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GSR004: Negative Standards - I-V 10"

Greetings once again from sunny and occasionally tear-gassy Oakland, CA!

We’re extremely excited to announce that GSR 004 is ready for consumption: Negative Standards’ punishing I-V EP pressed onto the blackest vinyl. These already pummeling recordings have been given new layers of sonic depth and total soul krush by Dan Randall of Mammoth Sound Mastering.

In order to make this possible, we are extremely grateful to our collaborators, fellow labels Halo of Flies and Cop Grave Records. Cut into 10’’ of vinyl, the release features re-scaled art from the original cassette version, a 10x10 insert/poster, and a download card. 

With a new full-length out on Germany’s Vendetta Records, Negative Standards is all set to embark on a full tour of the U.S. and the Autonomous Nation of Quebec. To that end, we’ll be closing down the GSR distro for the next month and half or so and taking our wares on the road. You can purchase the I-V 10” from us at these shows, or if you just can’t wait to mail order these, they’ll be available from Halo of Flies while we’re indisposed.

Negative Standards US/Quebec Tour 2012

May 5 - Oakland, CA @ Sugar Mountain, 2515 San Pablo w/ Burmese,
Bruxers, A.C. Way, Hesitation Wounds.
May 8 - Reno, NV @ Holland Project w/ Criminal Code, Pissmixer, Fathoms.
May 9 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Boing! Collective w/ All Systems Fail,
The Relief Society, Society Miscall, Filthlord.
May 10 - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Damaru, Reproacher, Dripfed.
May 11 - Omaha, NE @ The Sandbox w/ Kills & Thrills, Kublai Khan,
Bruja, Grimer, Flies @ the Sandbox.
May 12 - Minneapolis, MN @ The House of Lard w/ Indulge, Cokskar, and
Brain Tumors.
May 13 - Milwaukee, WI @ Creem City Collective w/ Protestant,
Sacrificial Massacre, Gnarrenschiff.
May 14 - Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Canadian Rifle, Thieves, Calendar Boys.
May 15 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class! w/ Tragedy, Lucha Eternal, Dismal.
May 16 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Bacchus (Ireland),
Torch Runner, Pray for Teeth.
May 17 - Washington, DC @ Ras Hall, 4809 Georgia Ave. NW w/ Good Luck,
Spoonboy, Hop Along, Sundials.
May 18 - New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappo's Cantina
May 19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves Collective, 538 Johnson Avenue
w/ Anasazi, No Sir I Won't, Sad Boys, Zatsuon.
May 20 - Northhampton, MA @ VFW Florence, 18 Meadow Street w/ Warrior
Kids (France), MFP.
May 21 - Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Æsahættr, Xothugua, Sand Witch.
May 22 - Portland, ME @ 442 St. John St w/ The Piper and the Salami,
The Correspondences.
May 23 - Boston, MA @ Whacky Kastle w/ Vaccine, VYGR, Nailed Shut.
May 24 - New Haven, CT @ TBA w/ Escalators.
May 25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Cloud City w/ Bacchus (Ireland), Torch
Runner, Hazards, War Emblem.
May 26 - Baltimore, MD @ TBA
May 27 - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down!
May 28 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot Collective
May 29 - New Orleans, LA @ Hey Cafe w/ Mauser, Post-Teens, Mystic Inane.
May 30 - Houston, TX @ Vinyl Junkie w/ Napalm Raid, Sixbrewbantha.
May 31 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 1 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 2 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 3 - Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (TBA)
June 4 - El Paso, TX @ The Horizon Club w/ Røsenkøpf.
June 5 - Phoenix, AZ @ TBA
June 6 - Los Angeles, CA @ McWorld, 5011 W. Adams Blvd.
June 7 - San Francisco, CA @ TBA