Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Zines in the Zine Distro


GSR has a couple new additions to our zine and book distro! In addition to still hawking our selections from Little Black Cart (http://www.littleblackcart.com/), we're excited to feature No Thanks #7 and Overdosing In Republican World #1.

No Thanks comes from Mike Thrashberg, former member of Slave Revolt, and features an interview with Lebenden Toten along with lots of great music writing that foregrounds the personal/subjective realities of growing up a suburban punk nerd.

OIRW comes from Kevin Failure/Pink Reason and combines dark retrospective on a life marked by drugs, depression, and punk rock with thoughtful features on bands and artists whose creativity is too often uncharted by the cannons of the mainstream and self-proclaimed "underground".

We're asking $4.50ppd for Overdosing... and will be selling No Thanks in person for a donation of your choice.

Special thanks to Joe Figs for hookin' it up.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swamp Witch's 'Gnosis' is SOLD OUT

You read right, all our copies of Swamp Witch's debut 'Gnosis' CS are either gone or spoken for. If you've already got an order in and we haven't said anything to you, assume you'll be getting what you ordered. Otherwise, many thanks to everyone who picked up a copy and of course to the mighty Swamp Witch.

The above video is from last week's show at Oakland's First Church of the Buzzard where GSR comrades Swamp Witch and Negative Standards were joined by Portland's Folivore, New Jersey's Planning for Burial and some surprise jump-on sets from Mortuous, Theories, and Transient. All in all it was an evening of total, excessive heaviness and a communal celebration of sharing in these experiences of aural and spiritual punishment.

Stay tuned for more Bay Area brutality and, somewhere out there, a forthcoming second press of 'Gnosis' to spare the snoozers the shame of completely losing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GSR 003: Swamp Witch - Gnosis

The wait is over; let the weight fall: Swamp Witch's mighty Gnosis EP is now available on cassette from GSR. Swamp Witch, whose members come from Oakland and California's Central Valley, have been steadily building the ranks of their burgeoning doom cult in recent months, gathering worshipers in a stream of smoke-choked live rites that recall the hedonistic frenzy of Ancient Greek mystery religions. Alongside modern doom lynchpins Corrupted, Moss, and Noothgrush, Swamp Witch tap into the warped legacy of psychedelic and progressive music, from classic groups Flower Traveling Band and King Crimson to contemporary explorers such as SubArachnoid Space. These influences fuse into a dense entanglement of trance-inducing riffs that spiral downwards before crumbling into murky, bongwater-black sludge. Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer Studios once again applies his metallurgical skill to these enigmatic recordings, a meeting of minds (and amps) whose resulting heaviness has rarely been paralleled within the confines of Earth's atmosphere.

In addition, for those of you who have always felt that metal simply does not "slap" enough, the b-side contains a recording exclusive to this release: the entirety of the Gnosis EP, chopped and screwed by Houston's legendary DJ Dreamz. While any attempt at the fusion of doom and hip-hop will quite rightly raise a red flag for discerning listeners, a closer look (and listen) reveals numerous common threads linking these seemingly disparate sonic movements: an emphasis on thick, bass-heavy production, the cultivation of slowness for slowness' sake, and an unapologetic devotion to the use of mind-bending drugs for the cultivation of higher planes of consciousness. Simply flip the tape, light a blunt, and celebrate the memory of the late DJ Screw the way he would have wanted it: with disgusting, detuned doom.

We are offering these tapes for $6 PPD, contact us at gayscientistrecs@gmail.com for distro pricing and international shipping rates. You can stream all three tracks below along with the chopped and screwed version of Novem, and we are also offering the entire A-side of the tape as a free 192kbps MP3 download here.

Gnosis by SwampWitch