Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swamp Witch's 'Gnosis' is SOLD OUT

You read right, all our copies of Swamp Witch's debut 'Gnosis' CS are either gone or spoken for. If you've already got an order in and we haven't said anything to you, assume you'll be getting what you ordered. Otherwise, many thanks to everyone who picked up a copy and of course to the mighty Swamp Witch.

The above video is from last week's show at Oakland's First Church of the Buzzard where GSR comrades Swamp Witch and Negative Standards were joined by Portland's Folivore, New Jersey's Planning for Burial and some surprise jump-on sets from Mortuous, Theories, and Transient. All in all it was an evening of total, excessive heaviness and a communal celebration of sharing in these experiences of aural and spiritual punishment.

Stay tuned for more Bay Area brutality and, somewhere out there, a forthcoming second press of 'Gnosis' to spare the snoozers the shame of completely losing.